Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adorn Me Jewelry

Adorn me jewerly is a fabulous etsy shop of jewelry, jewerly and more jewelry! Beautiful jewelry at that! I would love to have every piece, but I have picked this very different octopus necklace because, well, I love it! The description is just as cute as the necklace!
Purely Opulant Oliva the Octopus
When it comes to Olivia I always say that with all those arms a girls gotta have some jewelry!
You can see that she has pludered a pirate ship, tossed the pirates to the seven seas and kept the booty all or for herself!
Opulant Olivia is shiny, polished brass, and is adorned with 2 huge, cosmic clear cut swavorski crystals snuggled between 2 golden vitriol swarovskis and two smaller brass beads. At the ends o the main drop that Oliva is carrying is the unortunate pirate ship. The the end o the necklace by the lobster claw clasp is a handmade tag decorated with an AB Rivoli. This necklace truely has some sparkle! Buy Olivia today or $77.00 at