Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Caly's Jewelry Creations

If you are a fan of dragonflies, you must check out this shop! It is packed with creations with dragonflies intermixed into them! Not only does she have jewelry creations, but the store is full of things that you need to create the jewelry. I love the blues and greens in this bracelet, and of coarse the dragonfly just adds the right touch.
Dragonfly Obsession Bracelet
Sterling silver dragonfly charm that looks like it is midflight. Grade A stick pearls, yummy blue green kyanite and swarovski pearls to bring this peice together! This bracelet will fit a 7.25 all the way to just under 9' wrists! This is a one of a kind so if you like it, get it! For only $40.00 for all the fine jewels and sterling, I think it is fabulous!


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