Friday, November 7, 2008

Colors of the woods

Colors of the woods another beautiful etsy site! I am so lucky to have all of these crafty women join my group, because let me tell ya, I am no crafter! But I love the fact that You are! In Colors of the woods, you will find a ton of very affordable handmade jewelry. I picked this beautiful bracelet to talk about! Here is a description from the designer
Indian Summer Bangle
Pinks, purples, and greens adron this beautiful bangle. This bracelet can be worn tight or loose depending on your wrist size because it is made of memory wire.
Just wrap on your wrist and go! No clasp means no hassle! Visit Colors of the woods here


Karen Faulkner said...

This is really pretty, love the colors! Going to visit the shop now.

Dana said...

I am honored that you would write about little ol' me! Thanks a bunch!

junquete said...

very pretty colours and colours of the woods is a great name for it! Fits really well