Monday, December 15, 2008

Hilaria Galleries

Oh I love this etsy shop! If you love paintings and pin ups you too will love it! Not only does she do original paintings, but she also paints on coffee mugs, plates, signs, and you can even send her a picture of yourself and she will do a custom pin up portrait! How cool is that? I really like this one
Hey there Stranger
This is a print of an original painting that measures 5 X 7 This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves art or pinups! It would look so cute framed and sitting on a desk! I just love it.
The price is $12.00 Please check out Hilaria Galleries


selcom60 said...

That is definitely an eye-catching print.

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

beautiful :)

Hilaria Galleries said...

thanks so much for the post! I can't belive I just now saw it :) keep up the good work (and thanks to the other posters for the compliments as well :)