Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tzaddi SHop

Oh how I love this vintage paris, romantic shop! Beautiful jewelry, wall decor, and much more fills this shop! I love this Vintage Paris reversible necklace!
Here is a little description
This French chocolate brown scenic engraving sets on a distressed Parisian Pink texture with french writing from an old letter, postmark, pink damask and swirls. This very hip color scheme fits today's current fashion.The reverse side of this pendant is a chocolate brown texture with an antique intricate damask engraving in a distressed Parisian. Make sure and check out all the wonderful things at


Designs By Jamie said...

The link posted is wrong, but I found your shop on etsy. Beautiful jewerly, I plan on purchasing something very soon.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Today is a very big day in the Where’s Wenda? Contest. I am visiting all of the SITS followers. Can I do it? There are around 1000 followers. Oh my! Better grab my cup of coffee and get on my way. Be sure to visit Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha and Three Bay B Chicks as part of your contest entry.