Thursday, March 26, 2009

Candle Mamma Candles

mmmm I love candles! I burn them all the time, summer, winter, spring, and fall. These are some that I am going to have to try out! I love the smell of TuberRose and you dont see that in a candle often! Here is a description:
12 votive candles are hand made and hand crafted with the rich fragrance of TUBEROSE. All 12 have a zinc core wick. These 12 Votive candles are rich in fragrances and are hand crafted with a creamy and high quality paraffin wax and wicks which are made with a zinc core. For a limited time I am giving one free highly fragranced paraffin waxed tart with each sale. The fragrance is my choice. If you are a candle lover like myself, make sure and check out


ROSIDAH said...

Beautiful candle pick! I love Candlemamma's creations. She is a very passionate and dedicated candle maker and you can see it all in her lovely candles. Best wishes :)

candlemamma said...

Wow, thanks so much Rosidah! you know more about me than I do. :) You are truely the nicest blogger I have ever met. I Love to read blogs and leave nice comments for other bloggers. I beleive this is what makes having our own blogs online very special. I think "unique women in business" is a very nice way to meet other business women.