Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evil Craft Lab

Ooooh this etsy shop is just fabulous! I love EVERYTHING in here! Handmade jewelry with ceramic pendants that have a Rock n Roll feel to it! I aboslutley love this big red heart with a wing on it! Here is a description from the designer:
This rock n’ roll inspired and styled necklace features a candy apple red glaze and a sliver wing placed on the left side of the pendant. There is a metal loop on top that has been fired into the clay and the quarter inch wide, silver grosgrain ribbon is looped through. This necklace’s ribbon length is about 14 ½ inches on each side and when tied this necklace can have a total length of anywhere between 16 and 18 inches.
If you are looking for a fun in-expensive gift make sure and check out www.evilcraftlab.etsy.com FUN!


Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Very Cool Shop...! I love those pendants...!!!

Crystal from KIZZ said...

Yes this shop is fabulous, Erin. I especially like the hearts. I am into hearts.....thanx for showing us.
Crystal from KIZZ