Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Unique Women in Business Ad Spot Giveaway!!!

Who doesn't love free advertising? Well, you can win it here!

What do you win exactly? Well, how about your blog or shops ad button up on our popular blog for one month?!?

Yes, you could win one month free advertising on our blog (for the month of April)!

How do you win? Simple, just follow these rules:
- First off, you will need to have your own blog button (as seen on the left side of this blog at the size of 125px by 125px). We will not make one for you, so make sure you have one!

- You will need to enter. There are three ways to get entries:
1. Go to one of the UWIB shops (the list located on the right side of this blog) and pick your favorite item from that shop. Come back here and comment on the post the shop you chose and your favorite item in that shop. (1 entry)
2. Write a blog post about our giveaway (needs to include our UWIB Giveaway picture) and come back here to this post and comment with a link to the post. (2 entries)
3. Put our UWIB Giveaway button (with a link back to our blog giveaway post) in your blogs sidebar. Come back here and post a comment with a link to your blog so we can check out the button. The button will need to stay up for the whole giveaway for the entries. (3 entries)

- Make sure we have a way to email you. If we don't have a way to get your email we will (sadly) have to drop your entries.

- If you do win you will have 2 days to get back to us with your button and link once we contact you. If we do not hear from you, we will give the win to the runner up.

- And, mostly have fun and enjoy our blog! Thanks for joining our giveaway!

Last day to enter our giveaway is Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 at 11:59 pm Pacific time. Your ad will be up from the day we receive your button through email to Thursday, April 3oth, 2009.

Check out our winner for March, Buttons By Lou Lou! Her button is on the right. Its an awesome little blog! The cutest little buttons!


demmi said...

flame works and I like the Green Irish Tweed (Creed type)
soap con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

ButtonsByLouLou said...

Thanks so much for this giveaway! Very generous of you. Lou.

Anonymous said...

would love to belong to the give away!Thank you

john ferris said...

You are most generous for this giveaway.

Paper Lady Invites said...

Don't forget to read the rules, like Demmi did. As shown above in the post. Thanks everyone!

Unique Women in Business
Paper Lady Invites
Little Paper Home

mverno said...

i like the blush earrings at polished

DeBorah Beatty said...

This is such fun! Check out your button on MY blog -

Blogger said...

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