Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Beautiful YOU!

Spring is here which means Summer is right around the corner! YEAH! Which also means time to show some skin! Get your skin looking fabulous with these awesome picks from Unique Women In Business

Moisturize from head to toe! Moisture is the key to beautiful glowing skin! Cozy Moments has so many wonderful scents to choose from and the Beautiful Body Butter is absolutley amazing! I know, I buy it frequently!

Diminish the look of cellulite by exfoliating daily to increase the circulation and remove dead skin to reveal the new smooth skin! Pink Papaya's cellulite scrub also has 9 essential oils that that work to fight cellulite!

This tonic is what your troubled acne skin needs and wants! This tonic is full over beneficial essential oils, hydrosols(floral waters) and alcohol free witch hazel. It will balance, tone and refresh your skin all at once.

We all know one of the main keys to healthy skin is rest. Take a moisturizing bath with the relaxing scent of rose and make sure and get a good nights sllep! These bath bombs should do the trick!