Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday

Mondays can be so looong! I just dread them. So to make Monday a little more fun I am going to go through some of our fabulous unique women in business shops and show a few FUN items! Here they are! Enjoy!

I love this wrap! This is perfect for those cool spring mornings and nights. I know I wish I had this at my kids soccer practices and games last week when it was cool out. AND It is on Clearance!! What more could you ask for? Find more amazing pieces like this at

I am such a candle nut! I always have candles burning in my home. I especially love fun, light, tropical scents for spring and summer. These beauties are hand made by Candlemamma and are a scent of tropical fruit! YUMMM Perfect for spring. Please visit to see her HUGE selection of fragrances!

This ring is sooo mine! I just have to have it! This shop is full of amazing handmade lampwork beads, fun trinkets, and handmade lampwork rings! Plus Studio Marcy is our new spotlight company of the week! Please make sure and have a look at her amazing work at

Are you a Alice in Wonderland fan? If so you must check out There is a whole set of ACEO's and art illustrations in this fabulous shop!!! I love this scene where she is with the smoking caterpillar!!


Jaybird Designs said...

that wrap is beautiful!