Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mothers Day

Mothers day is just around the corner! Get mom something unique this year! Here are some great gift ideas for the moms out there, because we all like flowers, but flowers dont last. Give something they can keep and treasure!

How about a fancy new journal? This is a handmade leather journal with a cute little charm attached for decoration. Take a look at all the styles at

Okay every lady loves purses! This one just happens to be perfect for spring and summer! This would make an awesome Mother's Day gift! You can take a look at this shop here

How about a living moss terrarium? These are the coolest little things I have seen! I would love to get one of these! These are very easy to care for, and require minimal work. Great idea! for tons of different terarriums.

Sea Glass is just so beautiful! This necklace would make a wonderful gift! If mom like sea glass, please be sure and check out lake erie beach for the most beautiful jewelry!


Anonymous said...

These are all very unique! Great gift ideas for Mom :D

Ellie-Jayne Designs said...

Love that tote! Her shop is full of great totes.

Tip-Tops said...

Those terrariums are COOL!! I want one! I can't keep plants alive, but I keep trying.

Cool finds!

Carmen said...

This is gorgeous!