Thursday, April 2, 2009

Win a FREE ad spot on the UWIB blog!

Who doesn't love free advertising? Well, you can win it here!

What do you win exactly? Well, how about your blog or shops ad button up on our popular blog for one month?!?

Yes, you could win one month free advertising on our blog (for the month of May)!

How do you win? Simple, just follow these rules:
- First off, you will need to have your own blog button (as seen on the left side of this blog at the size of 125px by 125px). We will not make one for you, so make sure you have one!

- You will need to enter. There are three ways to get entries:
1. Go to one of the UWIB shops (the list located on the right side of this blog) and pick your favorite item from that shop. Come back here and comment on the post the shop you chose and your favorite item in that shop. (1 entry)
2. Write a blog post about our giveaway (needs to include our UWIB Giveaway picture) and come back here to this post and comment with a link to the post. (2 entries)
3. Put our UWIB Giveaway button (with a link back to our blog giveaway post) in your blogs sidebar. Come back here and post a comment with a link to your blog so we can check out the button. The button will need to stay up for the whole giveaway for the entries. (3 entries)

- Make sure we have a way to email you. If we don't have a way to get your email we will (sadly) have to drop your entries.

- If you do win you will have 2 days to get back to us with your button and link once we contact you. If we do not hear from you, we will give the win to the runner up.

- And, mostly have fun and enjoy our blog! Thanks for joining our giveaway!

Last day to enter our giveaway is Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at 11:59 pm Pacific time. Your ad will be up from the day we receive your button through email to Sunday, May 31st, 2009.

Check out our winner for April, Created Life! Her button is on the right. Its an awesome little website.


Anonymous said...

I really look forward to working with new and exciting women who enjoy hand made items. Candlemamma invites bloggers who sell hand made items on etsy to visit her blog read a post and leave a nice comment there so I can in turn read your blog posts and leave nice comments there. I love to read interesting blogs from hand made artists like yourselves.
Thank You

Hilary said...

I really loved the etsy shop Paper Squid's item, re-used gift tags...For one I love the recycled paper aspect of the tags. Secondly, the colors are really retro and cool!

I design handmade jewelry myself, but wouldn't hesitate to use a cute tag like that on a gift to a friend.
Check out my site
or email me at hilary@www.pinkpianos,com


Ellen said...

i did the giveaway button on my is all my info:


saw your site in a cccoe newsletter, so glad i found you...added you to my blog list

candlemamma said...

Hi Etsy Shoppers. Candlemamma has been checking erinkeys shop closly. Erinkeys has wonderful handmade jewlery items for sale. Last count Erinkeys had 98 items for sale. My favorite item in Erinkeys shop called "Femme Petal" is called Romantic and Chic
This is a beautiful piece from a fantastic artist that would make any woman proud to wear or give away as a gift. You better hurry up and grab this one before I do.
...It won't be there long

candlemamma said...

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to join and have fun with a fantastic group of etsy sellers just like me. I have added your Give Away button to my side bar. Thanks for letting me participate.

candlemamma said...

This has been so much fun. Thanks for this opportunty. Here is a post on my second blog. The enjoyment I get from this has been wonderful for me.

Unique Business Women for Candlemamma's Candles