Thursday, May 28, 2009

Father's Day Help

So why is it that dads are so hard to buy for? It seems they never want anything but tools, or socks or something silly like that. Well this year lets get them something that they will never forget! Here is a fun mix of items for those hard to buy dads out there! Enjoy!

How about a beautiful bookworm from Bookwormz? These are the coolest way to save your place in a book, and this one is perfect for the military man in your life! This BookWorm is decidedly historical. It features one of only 6 antique American military buttons that I have access to. What a great gift for that history buff (um... DAD, anyone?) in your life!

For the office dad! How about some wheel thrown pottery from Ceramicpix to decorate the office? These are the perfect shade for a mans office. These three pieces look great together as a group with the three different shapes and matching glaze.They are glazed with Teadust glaze and have a great Olive Green color with accents of black and brown get a cup/pencil holder style piece and two different style vases. They look fantastic on wooden table, in a cabin decor or bring a handmade feel to a modern office.

I know I have blogged about these but I am just smitten with these custom cufflinks from Eclisse Creazioni! All "Custom Tile Cufflinks" items are strong and lightweight. Each piece is anti-tarnish treated before your images are applied. We use a non-acrylic, acid free mixture to permanently seal your image onto the piece. Your images are not glued onto the tile, they are part of the tile. They are waterproof, scratch resistant and ultra hard.

These moss terrariums from Lady Farrah would make a wonderful gift for any dad! These are easy to care for and are so pretty to look at! Adopt a glass-enclosed garden with this elegant terrarium. Add green to your workspace or home! Very little effort is required for upkeep. With the lid in place and bright, indirect light peering through, there’s minimal watering necessary.

How about a nice piece of artwork from Robin Maria Pedrero? I love this one! The Spy by Robin Maria PedreroThis piece is colorful, and has two creatures one hidden. Eye Spy!8" x 8" Acrylic and fabric on gallery wrap canvas.


Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

This is a great blog, Erin...and GREAT suggestions for Dad's Day!!!

Anna Kay Creations said...

Great blog!!

Thanks to Almost Precious blog, I have been presented with my first blog award, and this goes with the responsibility of choosing 15 of my favorite blogs in which to pass the award on to. That was the hardest part among all the blogs that I follow. But you have been chosen among my 15 favorites, so check out my blog for details: and enjoy picking your 15 favorite blogs. :)

Good luck!