Monday, May 4, 2009

Manic Monday

Here we are again .....Monday....Blah. I have such a hard time on Monday's, I just love my weekends. So here are some fun finds to help get you through your Monday, if you are like me and need something fun to distract you! Enjoy!

Do you still need to get your mom a Mothers day gift? This is the perfect gift for that special mom or special person. This yummy gift set includes 1 luxury soap, soap dish, and 1 luxury lip balm all packaged in a cute purple bag. You can find this set and many more amazing bath and body goodies by visiting

This is such a wonderful idea! A Kid Kit! The finished product from these amazing kid kits would also make a great Mothers Dya gift especially from her precious kids! With this kit, all of the planning and organizing of the materials has already been done for you. Easy step-by-step instructions with color photographs and most materials are included. The kits include pretty yellow ribbons so you can hang the suns from the ceiling if you would like, but they look just as nice taped to a wall or window. Visit

This is the perfect product for this time of year! This is my Black Drawing Salve that I make for insect stings & boils. I use is on all my daughters & my cuts that look a little red & irritated. Just dab it on and cover with a bandaid. It is meant to be a helpful addition to a first aid kit. WOW! Visit she also makes yummy handmade soaps!!

Oooh I found this beautiful throw at This would make a fabulous gift for someone special!!! It is even scented!!! WOW! I just may have to purchase one of these! I love blankets! Curl up with this oversized throw and let the scent of airy florals and sandalwood whisk you away. Includes pocket with scented beads. Polyester. Imported. 45" L x 27 1/2" W.


Ellie-Jayne Designs said...

The lip balm and soap would be a great Moms Day gift! Love her shop!