Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spotlight on....

JNJ Designs! JNJ Designs is in the spotlight for 2 weeks, so lets show some love to her ETSY shop while it is her time to shine! Here are some fun items right out of her etsy shop! Enjoy! All orders in the US get shipped for FREE!

This is a beautiful bracelet for spring! The Rose Garden Charm Bracelet. A Pewter Hibiscus Flower Charm plays center stage to this stunning work of art. 32 hand wrapped charms of rose quartz, green quartz and clear swarovski bicone crystals come together to complete this lovely bracelet. Mesures 7 1/2" and is finished with a strong magnetic clasp on silver plated chain

Just stunning!

How cute is this apron? This would make a great gift for that friend or family member who has everything. This halter style apron will make a great gift for a bridal shower, birthday or just for you! This apron is so pretty and so fun to wear! Apron is made using 3 different fabrics and is fully lined with matching fabric and pocket.


J n J Designs said...

Thanks Erin!!! I am sorry I didnt see this until today! I was out of town yesterday and work has been crazy busy :( Thank you for making this group so wonderful!!! :)


Julia said...

Very nice apron. Nowadays it is very rare to see women wearing it, I guess bc we have to work now to support our families. I miss so much those oldfashion times. My mom used to wear aprons all the time, not now, too much race in her life.