Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Finds

While some like to do Sunday driving, I like to do what I call Sunday cruising unique women in business style! Hmmmm what will I find today in this lovely group of women? Well, whatever I find, I sure hope you like everything!!!!

This little guy is just too cute!!! A little brass owl necklace is a great find sure to make anyone smile! I just love it! You can find him and other cute jewels at

I am in love with this mosaic tile pendant!!! I may just have to purchase this for myself! WOW! You should check out all the talent in this etsy shop! Absolutley stunning items fill this shop!

You are probably asking "What in the world is this???" Well I will tell ya! It is called a MEDICO FILTER Cigarette Holder Very RARE STARLET QUALITy or I personally have always referred to them as "Bitch Sticks" This is a very cool vintage find! Check out all of the other fabulous finds at if you have a love for vintage and antiques!

I just love the photography in this etsy shop! Now she is putting her work onto beautiful greeting cards!!! This is a set of 5 greeting cards in some of her finest work! If you love photography please take a look at the fabulous work at


Dena said...

Great finds!! Nice blog... :)

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Beautiful! The mosaic tile pendant caught my eye too

Stacie Brown said...

I bought the brass owl necklace from and I do love it! It is so fun to wear!