Friday, June 5, 2009

Feature Friday!!!!!

Yeah!!!! I love feature Friday! I hope you enjoy this feature with a wonderful lady from Unique Women In Business! Her creations are just amazing, and she is truly talented! Enjoy!

Name~ Elena

Age~ 30

Location~ I live and create in the centre of beautiful Regional Municipality of Niagara. The region of Niagara is a peninsula located between Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and The Niagara River.

What is your shop name?~
Fashion Touch

Where does the name of your shop come from?~
Since I have planned to create accessories, I was thinking “What does it do?” The first answer was – it adds a Fashion Touch. This phrase was chosen as best fit.

How long have you been creating and what do you create?~
I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember. I was born in Russia and Creative Art and Housekeeping is one of the compulsory credits (we have to study it for over 4 years). Also, my mother is a very busy but very creative person. I also have graduated from the Art School which I had classes at evening for 6 years. In my online boutique you can find a variety of elegant and beautiful scarves, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories etc. Accessories are indeed a great way to add a fashion touch to any outfit. There is quite a large selection available for yourself or anyone on your gift list. Just visit my online boutique at and you can see for yourself. Beside that, I create lots of accessories to make our lives and our home nice and more comfortable. I love to sew, to paint, to do gardening, etc.

Workspace. Tell us a little about your creating area. ~
: I have recently renovated our open concept living room/office space, I am still setting everything up. It is very convenient with relaxing colors and functional furniture. I though like to combine modern pieces with my husband parent’s antiques, so it is really comfortable space.

Any advice to give to people starting their own business? ~
The biggest advice I would give is to research. There are lots resources available and many Etsy sellers are very helpful. I also would advise, don’t stress out and let yourself have fun with it. And as many financial advisers would tell you, be financially prepared if you are planning on doing it full time.

Any fun facts about yourself?~
? Even though I am very old fashioned and creative person I have a Masters Degree in Nuclear Power Generation Engineering, though currently trying to stay away from it J. It was lots of fun to study it and I proved to myself that I can do it, even though everybody around believed I can’t. I choked on a grape in my VERY tight wedding dress just before the wedding ceremony in the Registrar Office in Ekaterinburg, thanks to my husband that he saved me. I honestly don’t know how did this happened but I am not allowed to eat grapes unsupervisedJ. And it is very difficult to steal my purse, tested in Moscow and the thief was beaten badly with my umbrella. There are lots of others, but that would be a different interview, I guess.

Thank you so much Elena for the fabulous interview! Love the fun facts! Too funny!

Please make sure and stop by her wonderful shop on etsy
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KayzKreationz said...

Nice interview. She's got some great things.
What is involved in joining the Unique Women in business? How do I find out more about this group? Thanks. said...

Thank you Erin, for this opportunity! It was lots of fun for me to answer the questions, and it brought up lots of memories!

Kayz, Unique women in business is a wonderful group of women in business for themselves whether it be WAHM, direct sales, handcrafting and selling, or women who just love shopping unique items. Support, promote, and share!

I have joint this group last fall and I LOVE it. We all are very talented and supportive. beside this blog we have a yahoo group at, so check it out and you are wlecome to join!!!


Carla - Owner/Designer said...

Beautiful work and great feature!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

love your (Elena's work) and this is a fabulous interview!

Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

Elena, You are one talented and intelligent women. WOW!!! It was so nice to learn more about you.

Julie B said...

I always enjoy learning more about the creative person behind the business! Very interesting and surprising tidbits in this interview!