Friday, June 26, 2009

Interview with Earth Expressions

Its Feature Friday!!!! YAY!!! This weeks interview is with the ever so talented owner of Earth Expressions on ETSY. So sit back, relax, and read this wonderful interview!

Name and General Location~
My name is Susy Paredes; I am 38 and live in Las Vegas, Nevada

What is the name of your shop?~
Earth Expressions

Where does your shop name come from?~
The name of my Shop comes from everything I want to transmit with my art... love for the nature, respect for the beauty of this world and gratitude for the life.

How long have you been creating and what do you create?~
I love to create and make things with my hands since I have memory, my mind is always working on how to transform anything in something beautiful to wear or decorate. Now I am focused mostly in making graphic jewelry using beautiful papers encased in crystal resin over different kinds of materials ... I feel especially satisfied when I use recycled stuff on my work... it's like something dead is coming back to life in a different way showing up its beauty from inside... I feel like I can see the beauty on everything...

Workspace- Tell us a little about the area where you get creative~
I don't have a special place to create, I think I am creating all the time... driving, cooking, walking... even sleeping, lol J but when I have something defined on mind I work on it in my studio. My studio is the little room of my house that my lovely hubby decorated for me (I love you honey!!), where I have my computer, a lot of supplies, a big table (always with a little mess on it) besides the window to get natural light for my pictures. There is also a small space free of my stuff where my kids can play peacefully (while I am working) and make their own stuff, also known as mess, but I must to tell you... that inspires me more...

Any advice you want to give to people who are starting out?~
My advice for people who would like to start up a business is: "Sell something that you love and are convinced it's great" This is the best way you can feel passionate for your business and you will transmit it automatically... People know when you put your heart on your work and it is positive for any kind of business. Feeling passion for your business will make you happy and really grateful with your customers... everything else will take their natural course...

Any fun facts about yourself?~
I am mommy of two adorable little kids who makes my life so happy and complete, I am married to my sweet husband since 2004 and he is a great support for me.
I work three days a week in an office as assistant manager and the other days I stay at home with my kids and take the time for making original graphic jewelry and wearable wire to sell in my Etsy Shop. My other passion is soap making, I love to make them for my friends and family and pretty soon it will be my other online business, please keep tuned and I will let you know as soon as it is ready :)

If you want to know a little bit more about me and my work here are my links, feel free to browse them






Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and my work, I really appreciate it... Have a wonderful day! Love, Susy

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Great interview! we've got married in 2004 as well, so I guess it was a great year. Love you pendants and wishing you lot of success!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

beautiful jewelry, much success with your shop...great interview!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

that jewelry just so happens to be one of my favorite pieces too!

Great to get to know you more!

Design Knit Fun said...

I love how nature is also in your pics as well. Great to get to learn more about what inspires your designs.

earthexpressions said...

Thanks so much for your comments ladies, you made my day :)

A different shade of pretty said...

these are lovely my dear!

Kat said...

Great photos and very fun interview!! Love it!