Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome Summer!

Summer is my favorite season! Well, at least when it is not 100 degrees and muggy that is. I love all the cookouts, the get togethers, and especially the 4th of July celebrations. Did I mention my Birthday? Yes, my Birthday is right smack dab in the middle! July 9th to be exact! I am featuring some awesome some Summer finds from Unique Women In Business members! ENjoy!

With the Summer sun, that also brings......sunburns. Make sure and have some sunburn salve on hand at all times! Especially for the little ones that are out in the pool all day long! This Lavender Seasame Sunburn Salve from Aquarian Bath should do the trick!

I just LOVE 4th of July! I actually bought some bows like these for myself and my daughter to wear to our big 4th of July celebration! They are so cute! You can find many more cutsie bows and other great kids items at Ellie Jayne Designs.

If you are anything like me, you are always looking for an excuse to buy a new purse! Well Summer is an excuse! You have to a fun bag with summer colors! LMcreations has a HUGE variety of fabrics and beautiful purses! If you are a purse lover you will love this etsy shop!

Last but definatley not lease, Insect Repellant! Dont go a Summer without the best bug spray ever! Go to Avon and order your DEET FREE bug spray today and protect yourself from all the nasty mosquitos.


FashionTouch.etsy.com said...

Great summer finds and Happy Coming Birthday! All the best wishes and dreams coming true!!!


Tip-Tops said...

Ellie Jayne has super cute bows too, but you got yours from me!!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

perfect picks!!!

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

I love that purse!