Friday, January 29, 2010

Name: Jennifer Pilchak

General Location: Dayton, OH

Business Name: Lilly Pea Designs

What do you create/sell? Mostly I sell hand made paper crafted cards. Think scrapbook brought to a greeting card and that's what you'll find at Lilly Pea. I have a few other random goodies in my store such as gift tags, etched frames, invitations, blank stationary.

What inspired your shop name? Lilly Pea is a combination of nick names I have.. it's like the alias to my real name!

How long have you been creating and how did you get started? I've been creating paper crafts for as long as I can remember throughout my life.  In 2008 I posted a bunch of pictures of my hobby on facebook and received a lot of support and encouragement to sell my products. After producing a few hundred wedding invitations that year, I thought- well I could possibly give this Etsy thing a shot. And here I am :)

Tell us about your work space: My husband and I just recently moved, and one of my favorite aspects of our new town is our house- more specifically my work space. I used to have a small corner in our old town house. Now I have a ton of space in our family room! I have my area set up so everything is easily accessible, including my light box with tripod up to snap quick photos if I need. All my favorite tools are arm distance away. No longer need to pull everything out when I feel the itch to create.  I have a ton of items I've made surrounded my space to keep me motivated and inspired. And of course everything is decked out in Lilly Pea colors (green, brown, and a hint of pink). It makes me laugh to think at one point all my supplies fit in a small rubbermaid container!

Any advice for those thinking about starting their own business? Go for it! For me, I love to paper craft- and I'm going to paper craft regardless if my shop sells or not because it's my passion.

Make goals! The first year of my shop was an experiment, testing the waters. This year I'll be focusing on more concrete quarterly goals to put a bit more business behind my shop.

And most importantly, have fun. Especially if you've already got that 9-5. Enjoy what you do, the rest will come into place.

Fun facts about yourself: I'm a housewife to a wonderful man and "mommy" to two very spoiled dogs. I've got a thing for DIY and handmade.  I love the yoga practice, and finishing a long run. And I love to learn! Looking over my 2010 goals, 7 out of 10 of them involve learning something new :)

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