Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stalker Sunday - Featuring Crazy For Collars

Name: Suzanne Cotney, AKA: Suzanne in TX

General Location: Texas Our Texas, but specifically--Abilene, TX

Business Name: Suzanne's Crazy For Collars or

What do you create/sell? I make dog collars, leashes, harnesses, and other pet related items. I have also written and sell tutorials on how to make most of the items I carry in my shop. My most popular items are collars that feature my "signature" button bows.

What inspired your shop name? I'm a little crazy (maybe a lot crazy on some days) and sell collars, so Crazy For Collars just seemed a perfect "fit".

How long have you been creating and how did you get started? I have been crafting all sorts of items for decades, but started making dog collars and selling them locally about 6 years ago. I started because my daughter wanted me to try making matching collars for her two dogs from some colorful ribbon that she liked. I did a little research and started cranking out collars for all 7 dogs that were part of our family at that time. Not long after that I started adding collars to my craft booth at our local craft mall and they were a hit!

Tell us about your work space: I am very fortunate to have a large room for my sewing/crafting studio. I have decided that large doesn't mean neater or more organized. I think it means that you can just save more "stuff" for future crafts. I blogged about my studio last year, so if you would like to see a few photos of "my area", head over and take a look:

Any advice for those thinking about starting their own business?
a. Make things that you love.
b. Set aside time where you can spend quality time doing your craft.
c. Never throw out anything that might be useful in a future craft! I know that sounds ridiculous but if you can, then save it, at least until your next garage sale!

Fun facts about yourself: I love the color green. chocolate sundaes from Sonic, and watching DVD movies with subtitles! I had a facelift at age 40 (my husband did it)! Now at age 56, it is probably time for another....

Visit her Etsy shop now!


Aquarian Bath said...

Your collars are gorgeous!