Monday, February 22, 2010

UWIB is excited to announce their next Team Event! Participating UWIB businesses are offering THINK SPRING Promotional Event March 5th-8th. Please look forward to an upcoming post with website links.
In the meantime, please visit this thread moderated by our wonderful creator of this event, Cobweb Corner. Here you will find the rules and means by which you can find the participating shops. Look for UWIBSPRING for the wonderful sales!

The Rules that you can find on the Etsy Forum:

The event theme is THINK SPRING

Here is how it works:

1.) Plan for the event which will start Friday March 5th and go through Monday March 8th. You may introduce new products, have sales, offer free or reduced shipping - whatever you want - just keeping the THINK SPRING theme in mind.

2.) Before March 5th - choose some items that you wish to include in this promotion. Tag those items with the special tag UWIBSPRING. This does NOT replace our official team tag UWIBTEAM - this is a special tag that should only be used during the promotion - then removed.

3.) Consider creating a new section in your store for the promotion called Think Spring or UWIB PROMO etc. - this will make it easy for people to find the items in your promotion.

4.) Starting Friday March 5th - Monday March 8th you MUST commit to promoting the special. This can be a letter to your customers, twitter, Facebook, blogs, Etsy forums etc. etc.

Make sure to promote the entire UWIB team - not just your own store.

5.) Mark you calendars now and start planning at least a week ahead of time. Maybe write your blog article, choose your merchandise to include, or create some new items just for the promotion.

6.) When promoting the sale tell your customers to search etsy for the tag UWIBSPRING. Remember - this is a way to promote ALL of UWIB - in addition to your own store.

7.) If you write a blog or some type of article - refer your readers to UWIB and the UWIB blog to see if they may be interested in joining.

Let's keep this thread active and let me know if you have suggestions/questions!

- Carla of CobwebCorner