Friday, March 12, 2010

Name: Debbi Andersen

General Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Business Name: Charms~N~Things

What do you create/sell? I sell Italian Charms

What inspired your shop name?  It fit the product I sell and gives me some wriggle room if I decide to add some new elements to the shop!

How long have you been creating and how did you get started? Though I am working on learning how to make custom charms - at this point I buy from a supplier that creates the charms for me when I order them. I came across the Italian Charms a few years ago and decided to give them a whirl and started selling in Sept 08, I started off with 2 trays and am now up to 18 trays!

Tell us about your work space: Well at this point it is kind of all over - but for the most part I use my Massage room for my Photo Gallery lol  nice place to set up my Lightbox and take photos! I also use the Laptop a lot for posting and creating listings and such for my Charms as well as adding them to my site! My kitchen table is usually where i sort through and do inventory when I receive an order I have placed - making sure everything is accounted for and if anything is missing making sure its on the backorder list!

Any advice for those thinking about starting their own business? Find what you are passionate about! The more you love what you do the more other people will love what you do! Also make attainable goals – if you have goals that are going to be very difficult to reach you face the possibility of getting discouraged, make short term as well as long term goals and celebrate every time you achieve a goal!

Fun facts about yourself: I am married to fabulous Hubby whom is deployed to Afghanistan at the moment - we have been married since 2004 and this is our 2nd deployment! We have 3 furbabies -  2 dogs - Chubbs & Oreo and a Cat named Lil One.  We live in Beautiful Colorado and Love it here!


Kirsten said...

Lovely article about Debbi! All the best to you Debbi with your business and best wishes to your brave husband, for health and safety. Great to learn more about you and your work and your fuzzy assistants! :)

Bella Linda Designs said...

Nice article, Debbi! Funny that we all always end up working on the kitchen table, isn't it? No matter what our workspace! Best to you and your husband!