Monday, December 6, 2010

Tactile Flower Keyring in Dark Blue Velvet

This double sided velvet flower shaped key ring is such a cheerful item.
It is so much fun to make. It really makes me smile.

Since the flower is double sided there is no front or back. Both sides are just as nice.
This tactile flower looks as lovely when hanging from a purse strap
or back pack, as it does when clasped to any kind item,
that you want to be able to find with ease.

The flower is machine stitched using velvet and a selection of sewing threads.
The outer part of the petals have been dry brushed with acrylic paint.
That area has a firmer texture and feel, contrasting the soft velvet in the center.
The edge has been finished with paint for a rustic look.
The center of the flower is on both sides embellished with beads.
Some of the beads are more than likely recycled.

The flower measures approximately:
Diameter approx: 3,25 inch (9 cm)
Width: 1/8 inch (3mm) wide.

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