Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to our first monthly
UWIB Blog Hop!
Every 4th Sunday
we will have a new hop with a new theme
along with our fabulous UWIB participants!
Be prepared to be wowed by our members!

This month’s theme is
“Something Green.”
Here’s a sneak peek
of some of the green creations
our members
have made – aren’t they fantastic!
Aquarian Bath
Pine, Juniper and Fir Essential Oil Soap Vegan

Harvest Moon By Hand ~ Light Green Window Star

Audrey Garden Lady
CrossFull Viking Knit Salvation Necklace

Sew Danish
Large green coiled contemporary bowl

Hopefully this introduction has sparked your curiosity about other green things, our members, and our blog hop! Thank you for taking the time to visit this month’s participants!

(click on the link to start hopping)

Ann R.
Karen Terry-McDuffie –

Audrey F.
Birgitte H.
Cory T. and
Jenn B.
Nancy P.
Rita W.
Robin K.
Robin P.
Trudy M.
Wendy K.
Cory T.

Linda Stranger -
Judy Woodley -

Linda Reynolds –

Have yourself a great day!



Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Check out our truly talented and unique women!! This blog hop is going to be fun!


Anonymous said...

Having a great time hopping around the blogs!! Lots of "Something Green" to look at - wonderful creations by everyone!

Audrey said...

Beautiful Karen!!
Thank you very much for the feature!