Friday, August 5, 2011

Feature Friday - Vintageday

Name: Wendy Kelly

General Location: East Coast - New Jersey

Business Name: Vintageday

What do you create/sell? I sell vintage jewelry and Findings.

What inspired your shop name? Back in the day aka Vintageday

How long have you been creating and how did you get started? I have been buying Vintage Jewelry since the 1970's. I was always enthralled with my mother's jewelry box which was filled with the very best costume jewelry from America and around the world.  My mentors for teaching me about selling online are Auction sellers Motivators at

Tell us about your work space: My basement is where I work. I follow in my father's footsteps, since he ran a home base business from 1970's to 2008.

Any advice for those thinking about starting their own business? Be Flexible. Be willing to change.

Fun facts about yourself: I would love to be able to divide my time between Florida during the cold winters in NJ, Spring and Fall in New Jersey. I would love to have a beach house in Cape Cod for the Summer.  This way, I would get the best of all the season.


Nancy's WildWire said...

I love the fishy theme on your vintage jewelry! My first passion was antique and vintage jewelry:) I enjoyed seeing some of yours!