Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Springtime with StoneWyre

Spring is in the Air!
Feel it
Toe Ring Coiled Wide Handcrafted Earth Friendly Recyled Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped

Apatite Pearl Necklace Teal Blue Handcrafted Sterling Silver Link Necklace

Apatite Pearl EarringsTeal Blue Handcrafted Sterling Silver Link Earrings

Pink Druzy Pendant Recycled Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Unusual Freeform Cobation Calcite

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~ StoneWyre~

A Note from Judy:

        StoneWyre is my business and my outlet for creativity.
I love designing a unique wire setting for each individual stone.
Mother Nature made them unique
and they deserve a setting that makes the stone look its best!


Janet Bocciardi said...

Very pretty, Judy! Love that last pink piece of druzy. Delish!

Robin Pedrero said...

soo very beautiful!

Zila @What is a Split-Site PhD? said...

Thank you for those photos, the bracelet is very beautiful. I really liked the photo of the beaded necklace. I love the description of creating the right setting for each stone. I think all of the pictures really capture that effort. Thank you for including the StoneWyre link as well.